Magnetic fabric of the Říčany granite, Bohemian Massif

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Trubač, J., Žák, J., & Janoušek, V. (2011). Magnetic fabric of the Říčany granite, Bohemian Massif. TRABAJOS DE GEOLOGÍA, 30(30). Recuperado a partir de


The Říčany pluton represents an elliptical shallow-level intrusion made up of outer, morefractionated, strongly porphyritic granite and inner, less evolved, weakly porphyritic granite.Mesoscopic foliation defines an onion-skin pattern and corresponds well to the magnetic (AMS) foliations.Magnetic lineation plunges shallowly (0-20°) and is subparallel to the contact in the outer partof the pluton, whereas in the pluton center lineation dips steeply (60-70°) with variable trends. Weinterpret the fabrics in the pluton as being a result of helical flow, whereby faster subvertical flow in thelow-viscosity pluton center generated subhorizontal flow in the outer, higher-viscosity (phenocrystrich)margin.