The structure of the Offshore Niger Delta

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Connors, C. D., Radovich, B., Danforth, A., & Venkatraman, S. (2011). The structure of the Offshore Niger Delta. TRABAJOS DE GEOLOGÍA, 29(29). Recuperado a partir de


We present a new analysis of the linked gravity-driven deformation in the Tertiary Niger Delta. On the shelf, the fundamental detachment surface sits at over 11 km subsea and shallows to 7 km in the toe of the delta. The inner slope is both translating and accommodating shortening from updip extension, and exhibits a ductile and complex shale response. The deepwater contractional toe of the delta is primarily a brittle fold-and-thrust belt of imbricate fault-bend, fault-propagation folds, and shear fault-bend folds. Growth commenced in the late Oligocene, and continues to the present day on some structures.