Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Orange Basin, SW Africa

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Granado, P., De Vera, J., & McClay, K. R. (2011). Tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Orange Basin, SW Africa. TRABAJOS DE GEOLOGÍA, 29(29). Recuperado a partir de https://reunido.uniovi.es/index.php/TDG/article/view/335


The Orange Basin is a Late Jurassic to present day basin located on the volcanic-rifted passive margin of SW Africa. 2D seismic data and structural restoration techniques were used to develop a tectonostratigraphic model of the basin consisting of a syn-rift and a post-rift megasequences separated by an Early Cretaceous break-up unconformity. The post-rift megasequence is characterised by gravity tectonics where extensional faults transferred displacement downdip into a deep water fold and thrust belt (DWFTB). Gravity gliding tectonics occurred through a combination of cratonic uplift and thermal subsidence and stopped via deltaic progradation and associated differential sedimentary loading.