How top exporters compete? Evidence from Spain


  • Juan de Lucio Universidad Nebrija
  • Raúl Mínguez Universidad Nebrija
  • Asier Minondo Deusto Business School
  • Francisco Requena Universitàt de Valencia



This paper analyzes whether top exporters follow a cost-based or a quality-based strategy. Using Spanish firm-level export data for 2016, we show that firms that set lower export prices have larger export revenues. We also find that exporters obtain larger revenues from their low-price products than from their high-price products. Some results suggest that the negative effects of a higher export price on export revenues can be attenuated if firms export goods that provide scope for quality-differentiation.

Author Biography

Asier Minondo, Deusto Business School

Professor of Economics

Economics Department


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de Lucio, J., Mínguez, R., Minondo, A., & Requena, F. (2018). How top exporters compete? Evidence from Spain. Economics and Business Letters, 7(2), 55–61.