Vol. 12 Núm. 16 (2023): Design & Transience. Special Issue
Design & Transience. Special Issue

Ana María Fernández García, Bahar Emgin, Kıvanç Kılınç,  Ayça Tunç Cox, Zeynep Ata, Lucía Pérez Fernández and Renata Scalzer Ribeiro


Bahar Emgin, Kıvanç Kılınç, Ayça Tunç Cox, Zeynep Ata
Editorial Preface: : Contemporary Histories of Design and Transience
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Magali An Berthon
What to make out of loss: exploring the missing textile collection of the National Museum of Cambodia
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Dirección de Res Mobilis
Aviso importante dirigido a la comunidad de lectores de Res Mobilis
Prof. Dr. Deniz HASIRCI, Prof. Dr. Zeynep TUNA ULTAV, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut SUMNU
Transience and the modern Turkish interior: Transience as a challenge in modern interiors in Turkey
PDF (English)
Cansu Degirmencioglu, Deniz Avci Hosanli
Transient yet Settled: The Rooms for Tuberculosis Patients in Turkish Sanatoria
PDF (English)
Daniele Savasta, Elif Kocabıyık Savasta, Emre Gönlügür
A Computational Interface Design to Reenact the Transitory Moments of the Izmir International Fair
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Saadet Kök, Prof. Dr.
An attempt to read the change in aesthetics through Deleuze: IAA and SANART aesthetic congresses
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Elena Maria Formia, Valentina Gianfrate, Elena Vai
Transience as a design challenge: Italian radical narratives about the role of design processes in/for the incorporeal transformations of cities (1969-1974)
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Maria do Carmo Madu, Ana Cláudia Castilho Barone
Dona Folô’s clothing: a non-free Creole, who carried jewelry and fine fabrics:
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Meriç Erdoğan
The fluid futures of multi-layered histories: many lives of North Brother Island, New York City
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Jennifer L. McHugh
Designing permanence under duress: precarity and preservation of heritage in Ukraine
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Pedro Alvarez Caselli
Quimantú: When a Political Emergency and Rapid Social Transformation Shape an Editorial Project
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