Il compito del romanista

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Crifò, G. (2008). Il compito del romanista. RIDROM. Revista Internacional De Derecho Romano, 1(1), 1–42. Recuperado a partir de


The task of Romanist is closely linked to research. This research must be expressed in teaching and, in this way, in the subject itself of legal education. Legal experience of Romans is researched because the study of roman law is a basic element for university teaching of law and of law universities. Scientific research, for being so, must be required. As a result, for doing science it is necessary to listen to the sources, what presupposes questions which are hermeneuticaly correct thanks to dogmatic. In romanistic research, where the idea of interpretation is a key idea, the researcher has the task of doing a critical revision of the sources. Consequently, the tast of the Romanist must consist of the rethink, mainly in a critical renewal tone, of our texts and their editions..


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